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Frozen Yellowtail Fusilier Fish


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    High quality Yellowtail Fusilier (Caesio spp) products from highly regarded Yellowtail Fusilier (Caesio spp) exporters / suppliers. Whole round 200/300 300/500 500/up IQF 2lbs/PE x 12/ctn Fillets , boneless , skin on/off 50/100 100/200 200/300 IQ

    Yellowtail Fusilier or Takasago is a well known seafood item in domestic and global market. There are many Fusilier kinds, in Vietnam 3 most popular species are Blue, Gold and Yellowtail Fusilier Fish. These fishes are special foods in many southern and central provinces, Vung Tau, Ben Tre, An Giang and Con Dao Islands. This is a valuable item, the meat is so sweet, tasty and nutritional, a delicious dish which often appears in luxurious restaurants. Vietnam mainly exports Frozen Takasago and others general Fusiliers to Japan in form as Whole Round and Fillet Skin-on.
    Frozen Yellowtail Fusilier Fish Frozen Yellowtail Fusilier Fish Frozen Yellowtail Fusilier Fish